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What is Visible Light Communication?

LVX visible light communication involves two-way communication using the medium of light. Photons, which can be seen by the human eye, carry an embedded signal, which is unseen. This 'signal within a signal' is the foundation of LVX's patent protected technology and separates LVX technology from other one-way lighting technologies which do not both communicate and provide visible light.

A significant attribute of LEDs is their ability to switch on and off thousands of times per second. No other lighting technology has this capability. This switching occurs at ultra-high speeds, so far beyond what the human eye can detect, that the light appears to be constantly on. Amazingly, the technology can transmit a signal even when the light appears off. These embedded signals are emitted from the LEDs in the form of binary code; 'off' equals zero and 'on' equals one. When LVX equipment and devices are placed throughout a building of geographical area, a comprehensive wireless communication network can be created.